Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to the ACC Mortuary! Get Comfy!

...and with that begins the dawning of a new era in blogging.

First, if you are reading this I would like to thank your for finding me. Second, if you're a Toronto Mapl
e Leafs fan this blog is special for you. Third...okay there is no third, but yes there are probably a million blog sites just like this one. I guess we all hit a time in our life when we need our own voice. Blogging sites are huge these days, whether that's a good thing or bad thing is still up for discussion, but what it does do is give the "Joe Average Fan" a voice and place to discuss their point of view and have as many people that want to follow along.

I've been on other sites that discuss the topic of pro hockey as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs and let me tell you most places leave me feeling unsatisfied. Whether it's getting into heated hockey discussions or having them turn into flame wars, most sites leave me seething after having my fountain of knowledge tapped dry. Most of these so called "hockey sites" lead you to believe that you are free to discuss hockey, but once you prove you are smarter than the site's owner(Eklund at Hockeybuzz) and actually make too much sense you get the old ban hammer right on the forehead.

So let's be clear about what you the reader will see here, HONESTY. You will get heart filled blogs on anything hockey an
d mostly Toronto Maple Leafs. If I get riled up about a topic do not be shocked to see a few expletives in the blog. Also, don't be offended. Mostly when I use cuss words I use them to emphasize points. For example "What in the fuck was he thinking?" It's hockey people, if you don't have or feel the passion, what's the point? Also don't forget it's the Toronto Maple Leafs, a team that can give even the most minor of fans fits on off days.

I am also opposed to an inter
net created movement known as "Tank Nation". Tools that are members of this faction on the web will constantly be scrutinized and insulted on a regular basis. Any fan calling themselves a fan that cheers for their team to lose is not a real fan. They use the excuse that they want to tank so that they can draft the top players in the game and see better days with the Leafs. Their general stance is "I hope the young guys play well and the Leafs lose." Absolutely pathetic individuals. How can you cheer against your favourite team? Not real fans. Many teams have tried this method to winning and I have yet to see Stanley cups in the modern era for said teams Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Edmonton, LA Kings, to name a few.

The Leafs play the Canes tonight and the Leafs have been surprising this season to say the least and in a good way, I should have some fodder for my next blog after the game. Well that's the first entry, I will post a n
ew blog at least once a day I am hoping. Thanks for reading, hopefully my next blog will be better than this tripe. On the next episode of Tales from the ACC Mortuary, the Toronto Maple Leafs!

-ACC Mortuary-

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